Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Challenges For the Young People

Young people nowadays want adventure and the excitement in life. They have always been inattentive to most routines in school, in their community and family. They have all the time to pursue the best for good, or to dispose and waste their time on useless things inhibiting on their self-motivation and depends on the motivation of the people they respect. As interdependent beings, it would be productive for the youth to take challenges primarily for their own benefit and for the community they are in and for their society.

A young person knows his interests and abilities. He also knows that he should plan his education and training now for his future plans. He/she should formulate goals for his future life and to aspire to have a decent job. Young people should develop ambition. They should set the goals because the future belongs to those who prepare for it.

This stage in life called Youth life is all about challenges - the challenge of higher education, the challenge of interpersonal relationships with peers and the significant others in our lives, and the challenge of crisis like problems with your grades in school, relationships like boyfriend/girlfriend, pre-marital sex and etc. The magic word is coping. How does one cope, and as one enlarges and broadens his experiences, how does one emerge triumphant or victorious in the quest for a meaningful life?

Crossing the bridge from adolescence to adulthood is not different for young people. They prepare for it and they must realize at the outset that it not that as easy.

So, this is what Challenges is all about. As you move on from adolescence to adulthood, you will realize the transition and change is not easy, but that is what life is all about is the taking on every challenge that comes your way. Only in that way does life become meaningful to you and to the people who mean a lot to you especially your friends and your beloved family.

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